Simply having a website just won't do in the world of fierce online competition.

I bring to the table an innovative approach to our search engine optimization campaigns and focuses on delivering high-quality web traffic that results in high conversion rates and good user experience.

Where It All Begins


Show up in search engines for relevant, popular search terms. Here, we will focus on creating quality, keyword-optimized content, your site will increase its search engine ranking, making it easy for users to find your site.


SEO Competitor Analysis

It’s essential to keep a close eye on your competition. As you look at the top-ranking websites’ , you may find clues to additional keywords & supportive words and phrases you need on your site. As well as other strategies you can steal from them. Don’t miss out on these keywords that could help bring converting traffic to your site.


CRO Conversion Rate Optimization

Not only do I make it a point to increase the traffic on your site but I also take into account the MORE important details of your site. If you site is ‘broken’ then more traffic to your site will do nothing. With that said, I help you refine your site in these areas:

Site navigation: Is there enough information? Too much? Is this intuitive?

Call to action (CTA): Is this clearly worded and in a visible location? Would a new visitor understand what to do next?

Images: Are your images adding to the story of the page or distracting from the call to action?

Value propositions: Are these clearly articulated?


website architecture SEO

SEO is more than just ranking in search engines. It’s about the overall optimization of your site and ability to sell on your site. I makes sure┬áthat the architecture of you site is on point and are able to sell in addition to increasing traffic.


Links show search engines that you have quality content that people want to share. Increase your online reputation, visibility, and search engine ranking by finding relevant linking opportunities.


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