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Flappy Bot – One of Those Flappy Bird Clones


During the flare up of all the Flappy Bird app clones, one of the most popular game on the Internet back in the day, me and my team were hired to create a Flappy Bird clone… Flappy Bot.

It is a simple one-button game in which you have to navigate our beloved robot buddy past the obstacles and collect power ups and coins along the way. Each time you tap, the cute robot flies up. Don’t make it fly too high or it will die. This means you have to tap at the right moments to make your character go as far as you can! This addictive game is extremely close to the original Flappy Bird that was taken offline from the App Store by creator Dong Nguyen. It lets you play some Flappy Bot. Enjoy!


Flappy Bot
August 18, 2015
Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop