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I can't do it anymore

It’s important for self development to always face yourself. The enemy is within, you are your own worst enemy. No matter how cheesy this sounds it stands true. You are in full control of how you respond to things in your life, no body else.

You are responsible for your own growth and to grow we must face conflict (AKA shit we don’t want to do but need to.)

So with that said, why is it that most people want to position themselves in the most comfortable situations? It’s because we are wired to seek a safety net, but just because “it’s in us” doesn’t make it a good thing. Humans naturally pick the safest option over the one they are uncertain about. This is logical, but its not always a good thing. Avoiding conflict and difficult situations is counter productive. It’s equivalent to missing a workout, conflict is exercise for the brain. It is needed to learn to endure.

Conflict is vital to be a healthy human being.

As we work out for our bodies we must face conflict to workout our minds.


unlearn what you have learned

The sad thing about people is that we do not realize that we are capable of much more than we allow ourselves to do. This is why it is important to embrace conflict. It helps sharpen your mental tool, and break personal limitations. Most of these limitations we hold are subconscious, that is why its important to confront conflict to become aware of them and break them.

So what do you do? Create you own horror story. Destroy yourself. Put yourself in a bad position and see if you can fight your way out. Your probably asking yourself “why would I do that”? I’ll tell you. Imagine you find yourself in a situation in which you were not prepared or “weren’t ready” for, mentally or physically. How are you going to deal with that situation? I guarantee you that you will deal with that situation very poorly.

So why not decided to be ahead of the game and prepare yourself mentally and physically in the now to keep up and be more “prepared” for the uncertainty ahead? Exactly, its a no brainer, just do it. This all apart of being the best version of yourself. If you don’t destroy yourself first, I assure you, someone or something else will. Beat them to it so when those situations arrive you can kick their ass.


Just as working out is a practice for you muscle to get acclimated to the weight you are lifting, you want to be mentally strong to face hardship.

I refer to working out in most of my articles because along with design, it is my meditation. It is what I use to train these concepts of “no mind” and “destroying the self”. When I workout I focus not on the weight, not the way I look, I just relax and lift. I am present in the lift and without any fixation, thought, I just lift. This is a abstract/hard concept to explain, but when you put your focus in one thing, the mind is blind to everything else (aka tunnel vision). So if you tunnel vision during say a workout, you focus on the form you will forget about the mental state you need to be in to push passed the pain. If you focus on the mental state you forget about your form and begin to lift terribly. Neither of which are good to optimize/improve your workout or anything you do.

Learn to always be in the present moment. Do not fixate. Push pass the pain, will your desire into existence.


workout pain

During a workout there is a point in which the body tries to tell you that you cannot go any further. When I hit this stage in my workout I make it a POINT to push through that threshold because this concept of “stopping because I can’t do anymore” falls into all aspects of our lives. We can get tired/burn out in anything we do. So by training in this way we learn to push passed the pain and tiredness we encounter in these situations and work through them. In pushing past the pain & fatigue we come to realize the things we thought to be impossible for us are POSSIBLE. Find something in your life to practice grinding past the pain. BREAK LIMITATION.

These concepts will be easy to practice in one activity in the beginning, but as you start to an understanding of the concepts in that one activity, you will start to see how it applies to everything you do.

That’s one lesson I think a lot of people need to learn. Learn to break yourself, get used to the pain, the struggle, get comfortable being uncomfortable. This mentality to constantly work on breaking down the self to build up a new stronger self is what allows people see their full potential.

Destroy yourself first, and see what your made of. If you think you’re worth it that is.

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