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Most people work out for aesthetic reasons. Yes, I too would like to have a back as big as Kai Greene but that’s not the point.

Working out can teach you many things about yourself. Even Kai Greene himself (and many other fitness athletes) says this.This is part of the reason why he wears a hoodie and long pants while he works out. Its because he doesn’t want to be fixated on how he looks but how he preforms.


3 things working out teaches you about you:

1. If you goal is superficial you won’t follow threw in the long run.

2. Your Mind & Body Lie to you

3. You are your body just as much as you are your brain.

1. BUT I WANT ABS!!!!!! SUPERFICIAL Mutha Fucka’s


I know for damn sure that the majority of people workout for cosmetic purposes, hence why we have so many gym selfies now a days. It’s only natural for us to want those 6 pack abs, those nice lats (that make you look like you can fly) or that fat ass (I will correct myself “nice booty” for you ladies). I can empathize. But here’s the thing, while it’s not a “bad thing” to want to achieve these goals, they aren’t the strongest motivators, they’re superficial.

Take our superficial and compare it with this goal “I workout because I want to better myself, and prove to myself I can be better than I was a moment ago”. This type of goal has a much deeper motivational power than our goal for achieving bomb ass sex appeal. The problem we run into with a goal of the first type is that when you are in the gym you typically look at the present state you are in (whether that be in shape or out of shape) and we take that information to our subconscious and we let what we see in the now to define our progress. It’s these type of people that hold these type of goals that go on short lived diet plans, short lived workout regiments, etc because they lack vision.

What we can learn from this is that this concept applies to all things in life. Having a superficial goal is a goal short lived. Having superficial goals don’t push you beyond what you see in the present moment.

This goes for everyone. Once you have a mindset that is focused on the superficial when you are in the process of working out your mind will not be focused on the workout (any task at hand), but are rather focused on how big your ass looks (ladies) or how big your biceps look (gentlemen).

I do admit I used to have a problem with this, especially when you have those big ass fucking mirrors at the gym. It hard not too take a peep at how dashing you look (but that’s besides the point). The point is that when you do this, you aren’t IN your workout. You’re so focused on how good you look and at a certain point you will be like, damn I look good enough, and will fall off your regiment and a couple weeks later look like shit again. Then the cycle starts over. This is why you see people start busting their asses when summer comes around and then fall off during the winter and repeat the process year after year. It’s because they hold superficial goals and the mind set of just “maintaining”.

That’s so average bitch shit…

Have a vision. Don’t be superficial. Learn to be a better you every moment.




Your mind and body lie to you continuously. They’re always subconsciously put limitations in the back of your mind and making you believe them. When you are in pain your body tells you that you have had enough, and then tries to convince your mind that you can’t go any further, but is that really true?

It isn’t.

I guarantee you that you can do one more rep, take one more step on the treadmill. Hell, I bet you could do a whole other set or mile. If you really wanted to that is.

What we have to understand is that your body and mind give you information in which you then decide what to do based off that information given. But these pieces of information we receive (pain, feeling, etc) are only information, not commandments on how to act. So the average person would think to themselves “ok, I am feeling pain, I’m sore, therefore I should stop.” They allow the information they received to dictate their decision. Of course this is a rational decision, but what this way of thinking creates within us is the inability to see our full potential. We limit ourselves to what we “think” we can do. We do not allow ourselves to do what we are truly capable.


Say you were near the end of your workout and you’re butt ass tire. You’re huffing and puffing. Dizzy. Your body says you can’t go any further. Instead of quitting you decide to do one more rep, you push it out. Then another rep and so on. Then done. What happens in this situation is a personal revelation. When your own mind & body counted you out, you over came it and commanded them to cooperate. Experiences like these allow us to see that we are capable of much more than we allow ourselves to believe.

We have subconscious limitations within us, and most people don’t even know it.

Coming to an understanding of this usually requires you to push through a tough/ life or death situation. So why not mimic this in your training to better your overall execution in life. These situations make us move beyond our personal limitations because if we don’t execute we will die or something unfortunate will happen. Let’s say you just ran a mile fast as hell and are dead tired. Then out of the corner of your eye you see a dog running toward you with not so good intentions. I bet on my life you would get the fuck up and run. You wouldn’t even stop to think nor would you care WTF your body tells you. All you know is you want to LIVE.

To survive you will fight with every last bit of strength you have. Die in everything you do. That is what working out can teach you. Unlock what you are truly capable of.



This is similar to #2 but its somewhat in the other direction. When you workout, you come to an understanding that you, your mind body are a whole unit, not separate entities like most people think.

In the western culture it is a common belief that the self  (the you) is behind your eyes somewhere in that brain of yours. We feel as though we are consciousness trapped within a meaty shell. That we are a floating head that that happened to come with a body. The majority do not think about their mind and body as a whole unit (the whole self).


You are your arms, you legs, your toes, just as much as you are your brain. But we tend to believe that most of our being is within our brains or what some consider a “soul”. Thinking in this way makes you believe that when something happens within your body, you think it as your body conspiring against you. Or in a situation of a “depressed” person, they believe their brain is out to get them and it is because of their brain chemistry that they are “depressed”.

This causes you to constantly play victim in your life (which you love to play). It gives you an easy way out of things. “It’s not ME that is making me depressed it is my brain”. These people do not realize that they are their brain and just decide to play victim to depression, as if they have no control of what they think (In my opinion depression is no more than extreme ego. The constant thought of why me, me, me. When you start thinking about others that changes). Or I can’t go any further because my body can’t do any more”, it’s my body not ME that decided this. This again is playing the victim to your body. You believe that you are not your body therefore you can have your body to blame for you misfortune.

“In your body there is no boss. You could argue, for example, that the brain is a gadget evolved by the stomach, in order to serve the stomach for the purposes of getting food. Or you can argue that the stomach is a gadget evolved by the brain to feed it and keep it alive. Whose game is this? Is it the brain’s game, or the stomach’s game? They’re mutual. The brain implies the stomach and the stomach implies the brain, and neither of them is the boss.

You know that story about all the limbs of the body. The hand said ‘We do all our work,’ the feet said ‘We do our work,’ the mouth said ‘We do all the chewing, and here’s this lazy stomach who just gets it all and doesn’t do a thing. He didn’t do any work, so let’s go on strike.’ And the hands refused to carry, the feet refused to walk, the teeth refused to chew, and said ‘Now we’re on strike against the stomach.’ But after a while, all of them found themselves getting weaker and weaker and weaker, because they didn’t realize that the stomach fed them.” – Alan Watts

These are all illusions. These are probably one of the most commonly used excuses in today’s society. My brain made me think this, my body is doing this to me.  Victim, victim victim. If you’re one of these people please get your shit together. Turn the bitch mode off. Stop trying to wear your “problems” like a badge of honor. These are problems you create in your head to make yourself seem more special and unique. Have you noticed some people who have been diagnosed with something often say “Oh that’s because I have ‘X’ so I can’t”. This is the biggest cop-out ever. Giving in to a “condition” they have and using it as an excuse to not achieve something.

If you find yourself doing this please escape this malicious physiological trap you have created for yourself.

When you understand you are you, you are your mind and your body, you understand you are in control.

This is what working out can teach you about yourself. You are in control of you. 


  • Superficial goals are shit
  • You are your entire being, do not let chemical indicators and thought dictate you. Make a decision higher than the information received
  • You are your Mind & Body (You are in control)
  • Don’t victimize yourself
  •  Allow yourself to die in everything you do. Find what you are truly capable of.

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