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Recently I experienced something truly mind boggling. I was getting ready for my brazilian Jujitsu class for the day and I happened to meet someone new. I greeted them with a handshake and gladly asked how their morning was and we had a friendly back and forth of “how are you?”, “Im good thanks, and you?” type conversation.

Misery Loves Company

Now, after our greeting this person asks me what I have been doing, he hasn’t seen me around the gym lately. So I told him I had been busy with school, and that I would be done with school this year. He said “congratulations, are you graduating?”. I replied to them by saying no I’m leaving school to focus on my tech entrepreneur endeavors. When I said this… his face changed. He looked at me and he said, NO you need to finish school, dropping out of school ISN’T smart. He said I will never be successful without a “proper school” education. I said to him, “what about, Honda, Ford, Edison, and Steve Jobs, what do you have to say to them?” He then looked at me and said that is only a small percentage people that did such a thing. And I said to him, who are you to say I am not in that top 1% of that “accurate” statistic? He then starred me dead in the eye… and said “YOU ARE WRONG”. He said I need a “Plan B”. I told him with a smile that I truly appreciate his opinion, but I am a firm believer in having a Plan A because a “Plan B” means you have already told yourself that you believe that you do not have what it takes to obtain plan A. I said this to him as he was walking out the door… as I said this he turned around one last time and said to me one last time…. “ YOU ARE WRONG”, and then laughed.

This is what I have to say to this. People who have never risked in there life, or are too scared to risk, will try to drag you down so you will not achieve above what they have accomplished . Most people become MACHINES. They they come into this world, go to school, get a job, have a family, then die. They STOP learning, the STOP achieving! they don’t take risks, yet try to tell others how to live their life, only to lead them to the life they are currently living… a mediocre one.

DONT LET ANYONE STEAL YOUR DREAM! You must believe in your dream before anyone else will. You CAN have the dream life you wish to have. You must STICK with your Plan A. Having a Plan A means this… I know who I am I know what it is that I want… and I am willing to DIE for this dream. You must be willing to Sacrifice ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING at any given moment for your dream! When you have a Plan B, Plan A NEVER WORKS! Those who are stuck in mediocrity will always try to bring you down because they do not want you to achieve more than they have… Those who are successful BELIEVE that there is something different out there, WE ARE AN UNCOMMON BREED! We choose to LIVE NOT DIE!

You can do whatever you want, we all have unlimited potential.



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