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In life we are guaranteed one thing and that is death. Most people don’t really think how they are not guaranteed tomorrow. People that think about death are normally in the comfort zone of life, so death is something they take lightly. Death seems far off for them. But in reality, death is right next to us at every moment. No where is it written that we are guaranteed our next moment.

As soon as we are born, we are already on the train to death. But the thing is we get to decide which train(s) we would like to get on.  So why don’t we?

We don’t feel qualified to pick our own train

So why do we not choose our passion, or something that we enjoy to fill our lives with joy until the day we die? Is it fear? Uncertainty? Or just the inability for us to see we have a choice in the matter? Instead of choosing for ourselves, most people fall into the trap of listening to others about what trains to get on. As if you think you are not qualified enough to pick your own train. We end up taking the same trains those before us did. The cycle repeats itself, nothing new is discovered, there is no new venture into uncertainty, no expression of the self. It is just yet another person given the same road map to life and told this is the right way to go about life because it has done “(insert name here)” so well.

But what about your life? What about your passion, what drives you? What you wish to bring to this world. Does any of that matter? Of course it does, so why not pursue it?

Its because we think:

  • “I don’t know where to start”,
  • “What I want to do brings in no money”
  • “Everyone says I’m crazy”
  • “I’m scared to fail”
  • “Its hard”

Somewhere along those lines right? Well, here’s the thing. I’m not going to lie, these are all realistic things to worry about. But these fears also apply to the things we don’t like to do.

You can fail at something you don’t like just as much as you could fail at something you truly enjoy. The only difference here is that with something that you enjoy you have the ability to recoil faster from failure because it is your passion that drives you to improve, the process excites you. You must really love what you’re doing.


Now I’m not saying following your passion will bring you down a path of fun, games, and endless unicorns, there is shit on both sides of the table. You have to decide which smells better. Its up to you to weight the pros and cons of what you would like to do. This goes with anything in life.

As Bukowski put it, “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”

Whether we are following our passion or doing what you are told it is going to be a shit-fire-filled-process.

To gain something you must sacrifice something. It’s like having a best friend, you choose to hang out with them because you enjoy their company and also accept them even when they piss you off. We accept them as they are. You cannot have a plate of pleasure without a side of pain. The two work together.

DECIDE what shit you want to tread through

Doing something that doesn’t excite you can cause you to be miserable and constantly complain about you life. Doing something that you love might mean you will starve, so you will be happy but hungry. Which will you pick? This is why I said you really have to love passion and what that passion entails. You will run into the same set of problems whether you follow your passion or not. So why not follow it. Or you can just sit there and be comfortable.

Life is a process, enjoy it. There is no escaping the ups and downs so why not choose the path in which the ups and downs will be worth it for you.

Let your passion kill you.

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