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I want it all

For some reason people today think that it is possible that they can have it all. Sorry to say, that isn’t true.

Through media people are fed this silly dream of having it all. They paint you a picture of leisure, rainbows, unicorns, and Kim Kardashian’s ass .We are sold a life of perfection. The reality they sell is enticing isn’t it? Shit, even I sometimes wish life was like that. This is what makes people believe they can get things without doing the work. The gain without the pain, the reward with out risk. This simply is not how life works.



In life there is this thing I like to call “Opportunity Costs“. Essentially what this means is that nothing in life is free, you have to give something up to gain something.  Say if you decided to get more sleep, you have to give up that hour or two up to go to sleep early, or sleep in. All the productive things that you could have done within that hour have been sacrificed for sleep.

If you decide to work and hour longer you are giving that hour to your work and give up that extra hour of sleep, family time, etc. This applies to everything we do.



Our culture puts such high value on the rich. Most see them as almost “god-like” individuals, people who were born with some great ability and that is why they achieve what they have achieved. That isn’t really the case. Yes, there are famous people out there who are famous for being famous *COUGH* Kim Kardashian, but those who have actually put in the work to reap the rewards they sew and do great things often have put in very high amounts of Opportunity Costs.

Success doesn’t come without its repercussions.

Bill Gates was known for sleeping in his office during the week and his ass remained single up until his 30’s. (the struggle of no butty till 30). And Steve Jobs was hardly there for his daughter. You also have mother fuckers like Brad Pit who are so damn famous they can’t leave their house without being attacked by flashbulbs and cameras. He’s complained multiple times about his fame leading him to times of social isolation.

The point isn’t that to be great you have to be single until your 30, no. The point is that in anything you do there is going to be some type of inherent sacrifice that may or may not be obvious to you at the time, but there will be.


you always have a choice

So with that said, if you can’t have it all, what the hell do you do? You choose what it is that you want. Decide what you want and go for those things, with the realization that you will have to give up your time from other things to achieve what you want to go after.

Let’s say you want to go to the gym for a hour an a half a day. You worked hard as hell, so now you need a nap. Along with this, you also have to work, take care of your kids, errands, then finally your done and its close to time for you to get in bed. Yet there are still things you want to do, that you didn’t get to. That’s where you tricky part comes in. You have to shift around you daily tasks around in order to make the time for the things you want to do. You probably hear this all the time, but its the only solution. This means your going to have to give up on some of the time you indulge in the other tasks. That choice is all up to you.



You decide how to spend your day.

Everyone has the same 24 hours. What the rich do is they don’t play around with their time. They are very deliberate about what time they go to bed, what they do during the day, what time and how long it takes for them to eat. They have their time measured out, sketched out and to a T.

It’s all about time management and figuring out what you truly want to do. Allow yourself to go all in and sacrifice things that aren’t as important or useless in your schedule to do what you want. Remove the time wasters. That may mean you will be enjoying more work, but sleeping less and a terrible parent/ partner. Or you could be getting great sleep, are a great parent/ partner and you do the bare minimum in your work. There is NO RIGHT way to go about this. It’s just something that you have to decide for yourself and figure out what makes you happy.

Regardless of what you choose just please don’t be fucking average. That’s the worst choice you could ever make. Let you passion kill you.

Be the best version of yourself always.

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