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Stop Trying To Be Happy

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YOU’Re TRYING TOO HARD We have a problem in how we think of happiness. We think that happiness is this entity that we so desperately try to find out there in the world, but that is the illusion. The lie. Happiness comes from within. Many people find themselves asking “Am I happy? “or “Why am I not happy?” If you…

Let Your Passion Kill You

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In life we are guaranteed one thing and that is death. Most people don’t really think how they are not guaranteed tomorrow. People that think about death are normally in the comfort zone of life, so death is something they take lightly. Death seems far off for them. But in reality, death is right next to us at every moment.…

Misery Is Trying To Hold Me Down

Motivation, The haters

Recently I experienced something truly mind boggling. I was getting ready for my brazilian Jujitsu class for the day and I happened to meet someone new. I greeted them with a handshake and gladly asked how their morning was and we had a friendly back and forth of “how are you?”, “Im good thanks, and you?” type conversation. Misery…